5 tips for travelling alone


Gather information about your destination

It’s important to know where you’ll be going, whether you’re travelling alone or not. Before leaving, have a look at the geopolitical situation of country you plan on visiting and women’s conditions there, as well as information explaining the religious and cultural customs of the country you’d like to visit. You can find the relevant information on the ministry of foreign affairs website of your country and on various travel blogs. Know what areas that may be best to avoid when planning your itinerary.

Carefully book your accommodation

When travelling alone it’s preferable to favor safety over a good deal. Always make sure to check reviews of previous customers before booking.

Ask yourself the following question before booking accommodations. Is this place friendly for solo travelers? Is it easy to access? Is it located in an area that makes one feel safe and comfortable?

Hostels, hotels, camping are also great places to meet people and fellow backpackers so it’s important to choose your accommodations as well for this reason.

Don’t forget to check out information about public transportation

Bus, taxi, plane, bicycle, tuk-tuk, they can be as many means of transportations as destinations. It’s important to know which are reliable and which are not. You can ask someone at the reception of your hotel or hostel about it.

If you plan on travelling by night (using night trains or buses), try to find fellow solo backpackers to tag along with (at your hostel, for instance).

It’s always best to buy your train tickets online or through a travelling agency to avoid scams.

Register emergency numbers and useful applications

Before leaving, gather emergency numbers (police, hospital, embassy). You probably won’t need to call any of them, but you never know. You can find those numbers in travelling guides.

You should also take down official taxi phone numbers. Fake taxis can be common in certain countries. Also look out for any useful, official applications that may be of help during your journey.

However, your phone may not work overseas. You might have to buy a prepaid sim card in your country of destination, if you want to be able to use your phone and keep in touch with your friends and family.

Be confident

That’s probably one of the most important advice to keep in mind when travelling alone: believe in yourself! If you’re confident, it’ll be far easier for you to make friends on the road and enjoy your trip to the fullest, without feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

Follow your instinct: if you find yourself uncomfortable in a given situation, just leave. If you meet someone who does not instill trust in you, do not tell them you’re travelling alone and get back your hotel.

Your experience won’t be the same from a country to another. This is list is non- exhaustive. In any case, have a blast!

This article originally appeared on the Europ Assistance Belgium blog and was written with Florence Tornincasa, a travelling blogger shared with us http://www.reporterontheroad.com/, some tips for women travelling alone. Read the original article: here