Aging gracefully is more simple than you think

aging gracefully

None of us are getting any younger—but there is a whole lot we can do to make getting older easier... and dare we say enjoyable? Growing old gracefully means having a healthy body and mind. So here are the key areas to think about if you want to ease into maturing and stay younger for longer.

Eat your way to good health

A diet that’s rich in iron, antioxidants and healthy fats has been shown to help prevent illnesses such as heart disease and could help slow down aging. This means eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, but also oily fish, tea, nuts, seeds, full-fat Greek yogurt and all kinds of beans.

Keep unhealthy fats (found in red meat and processed meat) down to a minimum as this raises your cholesterol levels. And if you can’t cut out sugar, reduce it as much as you can! Some favorite healthy substitutions include swapping milk chocolate for dark chocolate and making porridge with fruit and seeds to up your fiber intake rather than sugar-laden cereal. 

Keep fit

There are so many benefits to exercising regularly that they are impossible to list in one go! When it comes to aging well, keeping physically fit is incredibly important—research even suggests it can keep the cells in your body younger.

So take a brisk walk three times a week for at least twenty minutes to get your body (and mind) pumping. For something a little more exciting, swimming, dancing, and team sports are super effective forms of aerobic exercise that will boost your heart health. 

Train your brain 

You can help keep your brain active by taking up a new hobby later in life. In fact, studies have found this to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the risks of developing dementia. Whether it’s learning a new language or starting piano lessons, find an activity that suits you and stick to it. Making that regular commitment will form powerful neural pathways in your mind that will keep it agile for years to come.

Protect your skin

Always wear sunscreen with a minimum factor of 30 to stop UV rays causing wrinkles and, more seriously, skin cancer. If you wear makeup, remove and cleanse thoroughly before bed and massage oil into your skin to keep it supple but firm – Jojoba and Coconut both work well and will leave you feeling cool and refreshed.

Looking after yourself is key 

Poor sleep and constant stress wear our bodies down. Make sure your personal space is a cool, quiet sanctuary and maintain a solid bedtime regime. Try meditation to stop “flight-or-fight” stressors in their tracks and take time out to do the things that make you happy and relaxed. Your mind and body will thank you for nailing this well-being routine!