Avoid breakdowns and keep your car in top condition with these simple steps

Europ Assistance car

From daily commuters to adventurous road trippers, all good drivers know that keeping your car in top condition is essential for safe and happy road travel. Follow these simple steps to ensure your vehicle is in perfect working order, and you’ll be ready to drive from A to B without a hitch. 

The easiest way to carry out checks on your car is to create a simple checklist that you can carry out once a month or at least before long trips. When the engine is cold, use the FLOWER acronym to get you started by looking at the fuel levels, checking the lights, ensuring you have enough oil and water, testing the electrics and examining the rubber tires for inflation and tread. Look at the car manual (this can usually be found online—we don't blame you for misplacing it!) for any locations or directions, and get to know the right levels for your car. 

If you can, get a friend or family member to check the things you can’t see. For example, having them inspect the lights around the car while you switch them on and off and watching for any fluid leaking as you drive. Having a second pair of eyes look over your car can make a big difference in spotting things you may not have noticed, particularly if they can’t be seen while driving.  

It’s important to think about potentially difficult scenarios that could arise and check that your car will be able to handle them. Visibility during fog or bad weather is a key one, so make sure the light covers are clean and that the ventilation system is working in case you need to clear the windows. The possibility of breaking down is also crucial to prepare for, so make sure you have a spare tyre in good condition and any necessary equipment—as well as reminding yourself how to change a tire! 

Finally, you should always have a backup plan, even if you've taken every precaution before taking your car out. Having a trusted partner when it comes to roadside assistance is the ultimate peace of mind on the road, as you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be picked up and helped, whenever and wherever you are. Europ Assistance harnesses the latest technology to make sure that its customers are protected and receive the best service possible should they need roadside assistance. 

Whether you're planning an epic road trip or just driving the daily commute, it's essential to make sure your car is in safe working condition. Take these six simple steps before you take out your car to have the smoothest and safest drive possible. 


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