Avoiding holiday travel chaos


We all know the feeling. You turn up to catch a train or plane only to find it has been delayed or even cancelled. Suddenly your day just got a whole lot more complicated and stressful. Argh!

Everyone knows that spring public holidays are a great time to go and spend a long weekend with family or have a mini break, so this is about to make our roads and public transport services a whole lot busier. So what can you do to avoid this travel chaos ruining your plans? We look at the best tips and tricks for staying ahead of the curve, so you can reach your destination without a hitch.

Plan ahead

Book your trip well in advance. Not only will you save money but you'll have more options at your disposal. Off-peak services will be quieter and less likely to get cancelled. Avoid relying on one or two routes and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Could you even break up your journey with stopovers? Factor in the possibility of delays—if you have a day in hand, you won't be so stressed if your journey doesn't go to plan. If it's a bit too late to book well in advance, book as soon as possible—just don't leave it until the very last minute!

Be flexible

Sometimes, we've got no choice but to travel. But maybe you can book flexible tickets to keep your options open. If your service ends up being delayed or cancelled, your travel operator might consider swapping your ticket for another route or day. If you have planned for this possibility, you can take advantage. And it might be worth having a reserve option, like a friend you could carpool with. Just in case!

Stay in the loop

Keep an eye on your travel operator's website or app up to a week before departure. They should advise you of likely delays due to weather, strikes or engineering works. You can also get the most up-to-date information on your route by calling the company you're travelling with or following them on social media. 

Finally...keep calm

Sometimes, we just can't avoid disruption. So stay calm, watch out for updates, and keep yourself entertained with books, box-sets, writing or games consoles. These distractions should make the ordeal more bearable!