Be prepared for anything with these essentials items in your car

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It always pays to be prepared when you’re on the road, whether for an emergency or a spontaneous pit-stop! Here’s a look at some essential supplies you should always keep in your car to equip you for the worst and prepare for the best.

For you to stay fuelled

Not being too hungry or thirsty is super important for ensuring you stay awake and alert while driving, particularly on longer journeys. Keep some bottled water and high-energy snacks in the car, such as energy bars, mixed nuts or dark chocolate. It's also handy to keep some tissues and hand wipes in the glove compartment so you don't make a mess!

In case of emergency

You never know what can happen, so it's vital your car is always stocked with supplies for an emergency. This includes having your breakdown cover, insurance details and car manual to hand, a First Aid kit, jump leads, a spare tyre, waterproof jacket and boots, a torch, blanket and an ice scraper.

For fun

Sometimes you might just fancy pulling over for a walk, a picnic or even a spontaneous overnight pit-stop. Don’t let an empty boot stop you! Instead, keep a few essentials in your car such as a basic overnight kit with a change of clothes and a spare wash bag, a picnic rug and walking boots or trainers.

For children and pets

Travelling with children or pets can be distracting, so plan ahead by keeping some bare essentials in the boot. This should include children's toys and snacks, such as clip-on books or games, blankets, a spare set of clothes, some waste bags and hand wipes, and pet biscuits.

Finally, always have some loose change in your glove compartment should you need to pay for parking, and keep a spare phone charger handy to plug into your cigarette lighter or USB port. Of course, every car also needs a proper map, just in case technology fails!