Cyber and Digital Protection Service


Following the revolution of Internet combined with the important growth of digital and online activities, people today are inevitably exposed to various cyber-crimes such as: Virus, Malware programs, Identity theft, Phishing, Ransomware and malicious bots creating new risks and threats affecting directly the safety of personal data and identity.

Cyber-crime has become a major concern for both companies and individuals around the world. People feel increasingly unsecure about the data they share online and worries regarding online activities are significantly growing. Cyber-attacks are very stressful, not only for the victim themselves but often those closest to them such as their family and friends. Here’s a quick look at people’s concerns:

  • 46% of consumers are worried about cybercrime
  • 31% Feel very exposed to cybercrime & ID theft
  • 82% consider a cyber-attack as very stressful
  • 26% people who know someone who’s been victim of a cybercrime
  • 28% Consider themselves likely to being victim of cyber-attack.

The consequences of fraudulent or malicious usage of personal data are severe and can be dramatic with sometimes a strong impact on reputation and jeopardizing personal and professional lives.

Despite the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, awareness of cyber protection solutions is still limited (apart from the US- 65% vs France 33%): 28% of respondents said that they never change their passwords and digital credentials and even more alarmingly, only half of consumers have anti-virus and anti-malware protection on their smartphone or tablet.

All this leads to the fact that people show an increasing interest for Cyber and Digital Protection Services. 55% have a very positive opinion of cyber and digital protection service and 48% find such services very interesting. Intention to buy the service is quite high: 52% in Spain, 47% in the US and 37% in France.

Our service

Europ Assistance offers a Cyber and Digital protection service to protect personal data, devices, financial transactions, and reputation for individuals, families and small businesses.

This new service also provides support and help in preventing risk and resolving problems when they occur, we focus on:

  • Prevention: To educate and raise awareness on cyber security risks & practices. 47% being interested in Prevention.

  • Monitoring: To protect any personal data which can be found in the public and dark or deep web. 45% being interested in Monitoring.

  • Alerting: To inform customer by email if suspicious activity is found related to its personal data. 57% being interested in Alerting.

  • 24/7 Assistance: In case of compromised data or stolen identity, to contact our Operations Center to get assistance on the actions to be taken to fix the situation. 54% being interested in 24/7 Assistance

On top of this service, we can also offer our clients other added value services such as IT assistance, legal advice or psychological support.

Our 2019 Cyber Barometer indicates that financial institutions are very credible partners to provide a Cyber & Digital protection service: 67% of those questioned consider them as highly credible distributors; 72% for banks, 66% for credit card provider and 63% for insurance companies.

See the full results of Europ Assistance 2019 Cyber barometer: https://www.europ-assistance.com/en/media/publications

Learn more about our Cyber protection product: https://www.europ-assistance.com/en/what-we-do/cyber-protection

If you'd like to discover more, contact us via: cyberprotection@europassistance.com