Easy Tips to Combat a Fear of Flying

Guy travelling

Being between the clouds instead of on the ground makes most of us feel uneasy and for many, a fear of flying can ruin a holiday. Don’t let it! Here is some advice and practical tips on how to reduce your anxiety.

Nearly three-quarters of fearful fliers are afraid of mechanical problems during a flight, but did you know that planes have several backup engines, that they can fly on just one and that they can even land without an engine? What’s more, planes can still land safely with broken wheels and they carry far more fuel than any single journey requires.

Turbulence is a leading cause of anxiety with flying. Understanding what it is can really help to combat your fears. In a nutshell, turbulence is bumps in airflow that can be likened to waves in an ocean, or potholes in a road and commercial planes are built to withstand far more stress then they’d ever encounter in bad turbulence. Apps such as Soar and Turbcast plot a flight’s path to provide warning and explanations of turbulence.

Sometimes our whirring minds needs soothing and that’s where an in-flight virtual therapist can help. The ‘Master Fear of Flying’ app uses cognitive behavioural therapy to identify the root of your fears and provide a personalised plan for overcoming them. Meditation apps, such as Headspace, are also fantastic for keeping the mind calm and relaxed on a flight.

Avoid caffeine and pop some peppermint pills. Caffeine can cause us to feel jittery and nervous, so if you're a fearful flier, it's best avoided. For knotted tummies, peppermint oil tablets work wonders.

Finally, keep yourself distracted with a good book or film and remember that repetition is the key to overcoming fears. That means lots more holidays and long weekends!