Engaging airline passengers with travel insurance


As a leading provider of Travel Insurance and Assistance we provide a full array of travel insurance solutions, both on a BtoC basis and on a BtoBtoC model for our partner airlines. Our programs, in addition to offering 1st class service to our customers, also look to optimize ancillary revenues for our partners.


Our expertise in working with airlines to increase coverage for passengers?

Our 2018 Europ Assistance – IPSOS Holiday Barometer highlighted that on average only 7% of travelers purchased travel insurance while booking a trip on the website of an airlines and 33% of all travelers do not purchase travel insurance because it is perceived as too expensive. These two findings highlight the need to better present insurance offers during and after the booking process, and clearly demonstrate the value that travel insurance brings to the travelers.

Europ Assistance helps its partner airlines in better understanding their clients’ expectations and behavior in a variety of ways. From AB testing and best practice sharing to optimize adoption rate during the booking process, to training given to the airlines’ staff to increase post-booking insurance purchase, we provide a number of tools and resources that together contribute to improve the perception of travel insurance and ultimately increase insurance sales and the revenues derived from it by the airline.

Multiple solutions for the airline industry

While cancelation is the most sought after insurance coverage by airline passengers, there are a number of other coverages that can be offered, and packages can be tailor-made based on a passenger profile (number of passengers, destination, time of booking, etc.…) thanks to our dynamic product and pricing capabilities. Whether it is coverage for luggage or sports equipment, or a full travel insurance program, we help our partner airlines in ensuring that the products proposed fit the needs of the travelers. A large number of travelers (up to 39% in UK) responded in our 2018 Europ Assistance – IPSOS Holiday Barometer that they do not purchase travel insurance because they do not travel far enough. This is in most part due to the fact that travelers believe that they are covered overseas the same way as they would be at home. This is often not true and the reason why our travel insurance programs cover kicks in when someone is 100kms away from home or further. Again, AB testing and appropriate messages in the booking path help our partners raise awareness towards the needs to cover oneself, even in not-so-exotic destinations.

Expand the interaction beyond the booking path

The way passengers interact with their airline has changed completely. Today there are more touch-points than ever and they are overwhelmingly digital. Our belief is that in the passengers’ journey there are many touch-points where, if they haven’t already purchased coverage, they could reconsider. Connecting with the passenger through relevant content and with dynamic product and pricing as they are on their way to the airport, checking-in, or waiting in line for boarding, are moments when the customer will be thinking of their holiday and will be more engaged with security that travel insurance will offer them.

If you are interested in discovering more about our work with airlines, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us on travelsales@europ-assistance.com