ERA Automotive - the pan-European motor services alliance


Europ Assistance, Falck, RAC and VHD announce the creation of ERA Automotive,  a new alliance in motor services

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Europ Assistance, Falck, RAC and VHD – all major European-road services assistance providers – today announced the launch of the European Road-services Alliance (ERA Automotive), an exclusive partnership to enhance global coverage and unrivalled levels of technical expertise and customer experience in road services.

ERA Automotive, a pan-European partner in motor services

By bringing together their individual expertise and respective geographical footprint, which complement each other from Britain to the Nordics and Baltic countries and across all Continental Europe, Falck, RAC, VHD and Europ Assistance have founded a unique partner for motor services. This alliance, now benefiting from a clear and distinctive identity, will cover directly nearly every country in Europe.

Thanks to our 339-year of combined experience in roadside assistance, our exclusive alliance creates a strong, reliable and pioneering partner of choice for motor manufacturers, leasing companies, fleets and insurers wherever they may be located in Europe”, explains Pierre Brigadeau, Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Europ Assistance.

One name standing for simplicity, consistency and innovation

By bringing together a common culture to achieve progress in motor services, the four partners commit to work jointly, with one face to the customers, to develop and share newly acquired innovation to offer innovative breakdown motor services consistently across Europe.

RAC Business Services Director David Wallace adds: “Our new alliance is inspired by 3 common values. The first is Innovation: new technologies are reshaping the automotive industry; this has forced us to re-think the way we have delivered our services in the past. Next comes Simplicity: our mission is to help customers in complex situations; our common aspiration is to do it with the best customer experience. Last is Consistency: we work in a global industry; when you drive a car you expect the same, seamless experience no matter where you are”.

A simplified relationship with our partners

Thanks to a strong commitment of the four partners to work together, the new alliance will ensure clear accountability, transparency and ease-of-business through a simplified pan-European account management. For automotive customers this will mean a single point of contact, better central steering and greater control over their motor assistance programs across Europe.

This exclusive partnership goes even further into the simplification of motor services. It provides one trusted partner for clients in need of a seamless and top-quality experience for their drivers, as we service directly through our fully owned local entities 99% of all interventions in Europe” says Lars Vester Pedersen, CEO at Falck Assistance Nordic.

The new ERA Automotive logo

The creation of ERA Automotive is accompanied by the launch of a new visual mark. “The new logo of ERA Automotive” concludes Peter Varenkamp, CEO at VHD “is the best summary of what our new partnership stands for: four lines with the colors of the four partners coming together like a cross-roads, to form a very distinctive, modern and universally known mark”.