Europ Assistance China wins "2018 China Best Company | Innovation”

Daniel Award

Europ Assistance China was recognized as a "2018 China Best Company | Innovation" at the start of the new year. Daniel Cheung, CEO of Europ Assistance China, accepted the award and delivered a speech at the award announcement ceremony held in Beijing on 7th January 2019.

Organized by Chinese financial media group Jiemian, there were 17 winning "China Best Company | Innovation" from the 200 enrolled companies, and 40 winners on its Finance list from the 130 enrolled finance companies. They were selected by the professional judging panel and online public polls, following 5 selection steps including public applications, initial votes, online votes, industry reputation research and professional judging panel votes. 

Europ Assistance in China

With over 30 years of experience in China, Europ Assistance enjoys a strong reputation in the market due to its services provided to over 300,000 Chinese citizens, upholding its caring value proposition and service standards. In 2017, Europ Assistance China took innovative steps to provide one-stop caring services (outpatient accompany) to senior people and pilot to SMEs (Small Medium Size Enterprises) on its risk and staff management services leveraging digital platforms and marketing techniques. All the new solutions have made Europ Assistance China a role model amongst the traditional assistance companies across travel, insurance and daily services in China.

This honor received was not only a recognition for Europ Assistance in China during the past 30 years, but also an endorsement for its caring value proposition, actions and deliverables. The win is also a starting point in a new journey in China share a strong brand story based on caring for 30 years and beyond.

Daniel Cheung, CEO Europ Assistance China: “Europ Assistance is committed to China and will continuously develop innovative and caring solutions to customers by technological developments, established networks, professional knowledge and extensive experience and strive to be a first-class assistance service provider in China as a reliable caring company."

About the Organizer - Jiemian
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About 2018 China Best Company
The selection of the award aims to affirm the prominent enterprises and cases that achieve balanced development regarding market, innovation and social effects. This list deeply explores the operational capabilities and innovation vitality of leading enterprises. It sets multiple indicators for each subdivision of awards to fully tap the potential value of enterprises and disseminates the positive energy of the market economy.