Europ Assistance helps 6,000 stranded motorists

In the past two months alone, almost 6,000 stranded motorists received roadside assistance from Europ Assistance Hungary.


This article originally appeared in the Budapest Business Journal. You can read the original article here: https://bit.ly/2RL9ldT


Lazlo photo

Over the course of 2018, Europ Assistance Hungary provided assistance in nearly 200,000 cases. Some 16.5% of cases, more than 33,000 emergency calls, came from motorists in trouble.

The company notes that the harsh winter, with bitter cold and heavy snow, poses unexpected problems for drivers. The situation is not unique in Europe, however, as heavy snow two weeks ago in Austria also caused issues for locals well-accustomed to such conditions.

"The winter really puts the durability of vehicles to the test, especially in the case of older models," says László Kalmár, Europ Assistance Groupʼs regional leader, also responsible for Hungary. "The average age of cars in Hungary is now above 14 years. In difficult situations, it can be a great deal of help if one can call for help 24 hours a day, in Hungarian, in case the vehicle gets stranded."

In the cold winter weather, most problems come up in the case of vehicles of a greater age. Often the vehicle wonʼt start in the cold, and the hidden faults of poorly maintained vehicles often emerge during winter ski trips, the press release notes.

The company provides assistance for vehicles under 15 years of age both in Hungary, and in popular winter destinations such as Austria, Italy, France, Slovakia, and Slovenia.