Europ Assistance and Generali, partners of Ellcie Healthy to develop smart connected glasses

Generali and Europ Assistance France are supporting the start-up of Ellcie Healthy, which received the certificate "Origine France Garantie" presented by Yves Jego at the premises of Bpifrance. This label commends the work of the Ellcie Healthy teams in developing smart glasses that can prevent falling asleep, especially at the wheel, with the joint support of Generali and Europ Assistance.

An innovative device made in France

These glasses, the result of many years of research, have the ambition to detect and anticipate health risks incurred by their carriers. Frames are able to establish the "normal" behavior of the individual and thanks to about fifteen sensors as well as a machine learning system, to detect anomalies. At present, and while 26% of fatal accidents on the highway are caused by sleep, these glasses can already prevent falling asleep through the use of light and sound signals. They will soon enable prevention and detection and falls in the elderly, the monitoring of physical activity and the prevention of certain serious diseases.

In addition, Ellcie Healthy is now preparing for its international roll-out thanks to the signing of several contracts with global groups and in particular exhibiting these first prototypes at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Europ Assistance guarantees innovative assistance for an ever more successful service

Beyond connected and smart frames, Ellcie Healthy can offer these customers a real prevention and support service, through joint work with Europ Assistance.

We focus on areas to innovate and modernize the traditional support platform by being able to respond to the information sent by the connected glasses. Therefore, at the third sleep signal detected by the frames, an automatic alert will be sent to the support teams and a helpdesk will immediately contact the driver. Its goal will then be to be able to accompany the tired driver to a place of rest (hotel reservation, GPS guidance to a restaurant) or to allow him to continue his route without danger (booking of taxi or driver), according to the identified needs.

Stéphane Charbonneau, Marketing, Digital & Communication Director for Europ Assistance France :

"By joining our Ellcie Healthy Connected Eyewear Innovation Services, we put the health of our customers and risk prevention at the heart of our business while enriching traditional support platforms. Our support does not stop there. Ellcie Healthy intends to extend its expertise and products in the near future to the detection and prevention of falls, especially for the elderly. We will, of course, support this new step forward."