Happy food: scientifically proven to improve your health


Have you ever noticed how, after eating certain foods, your mood seems to have suddenly improved—even after a long, hard day in the office? That could be because of their brilliant mood-boosting properties. Studies have shown that certain foods including fruits, vegetables and seafood can have a chemical effect on the body that actually makes you feel happier, as well as full! Check out our suggestions for incorporating mood-boosting foods into your diet any time of the day.

Not only has breakfast been scientifically proven to positively affect us physically and psychologically for the rest of the day, starting the morning right with some extra mood-boosting breakfast ingredients will put you in the best position for a productive day ahead. Ingredients such as calcium-rich Greek yogurt, eggs, banana, avocado, blueberries and pumpkin seeds are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to boost feel-good feelings. Why not make a super green smoothie bowl with banana, yogurt and avocado topped with pumpkin seeds? Or try scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with a side of spinach? 

When it comes to lunch, eating heavy, sugar or salt-laden foods doesn’t just lead to an afternoon slump—it can also bring down your mood. Fill your body with vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium while maxing out on colour and taste with a packed salad that will put a smile on your face. We love goats cheese, cherry tomatoes, quinoa, mushrooms and chicken. Whatever delicious salad you decide to make, why not whip up a simple turmeric dressing with olive oil and black pepper? Turmeric has been proven to have powerful anti-inflammatory and serotonin-boosting properties. 

Finish off a day of happy, healthy eating with an omega-3 packed seafood dinner. Salmon, halibut, mussels and oysters are all known for their high levels of vitamin B12, which helps support brain cells, as well as nutrients that regulate your thyroid, a source of mood regulation in the body. Rustle up a speedy, delicious dish of grilled halibut with depression-fighting asparagus or fresh mussels with tomato and serotonin-regulating garlic, and we guarantee you’ll be in a good mood all evening.