How to plan a fun-filled spring escape

Spring escape

While sunny summer holidays are an annual highlight for many, there’s something extra special about a springtime retreat—whether you’re looking for a healthy hiking weekend, a few days on the beach, or a sporty fortnight spent speeding down the slopes before the season comes to a close. Here are our essential tips for planning a fun escape this spring, whatever your lifestyle or budget, so all you need to do is pick up your passport and head off on an adventure. 

Holidays can come in all shapes and sizes, so take the time to think about what activities you prefer. Are you looking for an action-packed ski holiday while there’s still good snow on the ground or a cultured weekend in a charming city? For the former, major international ski spots such as France and Canada could be great options, while for the latter, why not consider northern European cities such as Oslo or Stockholm? Alternatively, if you’re looking to top up your tan with some pre-summer sun, do some research on countries south of the Equator, including Australia and South Africa, for a trip full of long, sun-filled days! 

When it comes to booking a holiday in the spring, the best deals can usually be found in advance, so try to be ahead of the curve when it comes to booking—particularly if everyone else is thinking about summer holidays! Consider your budget when thinking about locations, as the further from home you choose to go, the more expensive it gets. Try to also estimate the differences in accommodation and daily costs. Consider making savings by renting an apartment with a kitchen, rather than staying in a hotel and always eating out. Trips taken over major celebrations or holidays such as Easter also tend to book up fast, so look up any key dates in your intended location too in case you can be flexible on dates.  

Once the holiday is booked and you’re preparing to go, remember to pack the right kit for your destination—particularly if you’re heading somewhere colder. That way, you’ll be able to properly explore and enjoy your holiday without having to stop to warm up! For sports holidays, check what items you’ll need to stay safe on the slopes and if they can be rented at your destination or purchased beforehand.