How to plan a last minute Autumn getaway

Autumn photo - Newscred

The months between Summer and Christmas can seem so long as it gets increasingly darker and colder. Keep your spirits high by maximizing your weekends—you'll see how the festivity of Christmas is here in no time breaking up the months with a short break! Here’s how to plan a last-minute getaway, without breaking the bank or spending hours on the road. 

Don’t waste precious holiday time in transit by keeping it simple and local—after all, you don’t need to travel far to feel the benefits of a relaxing mini-break! Why not keep within three hours of home? We often overlook the treasures of our own surroundings, so try a staycation and explore new places on your doorstep, whether that’s cosying up in a rural countryside house or immersing yourself in historic landmarks you haven't seen before.

Be flexible and open-minded and go where the deals are. Europ Assistance works with Opodo and Bravo Flight, which are two great options for ensuring a good price when you're looking for flights. Opodo has great seasonal deals such as cheap return flights for autumnal city breaks and Bravo Fly offers fantastic packages tailored to different types of travellers, such as spiritual getaways and romantic destinations. 

Sign-up for last-minute alerts to make sure you get the best deal. Websites such as HolidayPirates scour the internet collating up-to-date information on the best deals. Enjoy reading through them in your coffee breaks or lunch hour! HomeAway is another brilliant resource, as you can search properties by price and date, and you might find staying in a home environment more comfortable than staying in a hotel. 

Maximize half-days and flexi-time. Leaving work just a few hours early can be the difference between beating rush hour and being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Perhaps you can start work early and leave early, or add a half day of holiday to your weekend.

Wherever you decide to go, the trick is to keep the itinerary light, exploit last-minute deals, and remember you don’t need to go far away to feel a million miles away! 

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