How to protect your vehicle from theft

protect your car

Car theft is rising as crafty burglars learn to outwit the law. A car doesn’t have to be expensive to be a target, as thieves often steal vehicles just to strip them of their components. Here's how to ensure your vehicle doesn't become a victim.

Anti-theft hardware

Anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel bars and brake locks, will deter thieves because they don't want to spend time trying to remove it. Instead, they will just move onto the next car. There are many models available, but get started by taking a look at the Streetwize steering wheel lock and this heavy duty handbrake lock.

Tracking apps

Car tracking devices alert you when your vehicle is moved and show its whereabouts. Products such as the Anti Theft Car Alarm app, sends email notifications and updates, which is handy in recovering your car if it does fall victim to theft. It's also worth checking out CarLock, which provides a small bluetooth tag that pairs with your phone and alerts you to suspicious activity wherever you are. 

Car alarms

Modern car alarms combine hardware and software to provide real-time alerts and detailed messages that show you exactly what is happening to your vehicle. Many offer the ability to start your car's engine without even being inside the car. As an example, check out Viper's range of alarms.

Manual measures

A simple sticker alerting thieves to your anti-theft measures (even if you don't have any), can be enough to deter them. Other easy deterrents include hiding away your belongings, parking in well-lit, busy places and ensuring you lock your car even when you're just popping over the road to a ticket machine.

A car is a big investment and it can be too easy to forget to take the correct precautions all of the time. Our car safety guide for kids breaks down how to make sure any children are secure in the car. Also, if you're a new driver, this introductory guide to driving is a must-read. Finally, give yourself peace of mind and security by ensuring your car has full insurance.