How to stay healthy on vacation (yes, you can still have fun!)

EA healthy vacation

Holidays are a prime time to relax, kick back, and indulge in the sweet treats you forego at home, but this lax attitude to healthy living can lead to whopping weight gains of up to 4.5kg for some holidaymakers. The last thing you want after a relaxing vacation is to return home bright, bronzed, and bursting out of your jeans, so keep these simple steps in mind and you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of the vacation while preventing those added pounds. 

Squeeze in some exercise

Even if you’re keen to take a break from your usual ‘eat clean, train mean’ routine, there are plenty of ways to stay in shape on holiday—while still enjoying some well-deserved time away from the gym! Try taking an epic stroll on the beach, skipping the bus and walking between the must-see sights, or even just a short yoga routine in your hotel room every morning. 

Stick to normal portions 

Studies have shown that accidental buffet binges can break the resolve of even the healthiest eaters, with too many tempting dishes on display at the all-inclusive breakfast and no sense of portion control. Fill up on fruits and veggies first before heading to the fried foods and use a smaller plate to keep the amount of food under control. At restaurants, try to keep your regular portion sizes in mind and don’t be afraid to split a starter or a main if the helpings are over-generous. 

Keep an eye out for hidden calories 

Calorific cocktails on the beach are the fastest way to blow your diet, with some coming in at a gut-busting 650 calories each, ensuring you’ll wake up with more than just a bad hangover! Keep an eye on your alcohol intake, make sure you don't exceed the weekly recommended units (currently 35 units for men and 21 units for women in Spain), and drink at least a glass of water for every drink consumed.