How to stay safe on your next winter sports adventure

how to stay safe on your next

Exciting and exhilarating, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of speeding down a snowy mountain on skis with your friends beside you. Winter sports holidays can offer fun and adventure in equal measure, but to maximize the benefit its important to follow a few essential guidelines. Check out our recommendations for snow-friendly kit, sober riding and staying on trails below, and you’ll be all set for a fantastic winter trip. 

To fully enjoy your action-packed holiday, it’s essential to have the right kit - no one wants their afternoon on the mountain ruined because they’re too cold and wet to have fun! Make a list of all the warm clothing and waterproof items you might need, as well as protective accessories such as goggles and helmets. Look into whether its best to buy these or rent them when you arrive, and don’t forget to pack shoes that can handle ice and snow for going out in the evenings. 

While it’s tempting to indulge in a few beers at lunch or a warming vin chaud, it’s important to never drink and ride on the slopes. Alcohol-related accidents are on the rise as visitors are more likely to take risks and be less careful after a few drinks, and the altitude can also have a more substantial effect. Prevent any potential accidents and keep your holiday stress-free by saving it until you’ve finished for the day. That way, you can properly relax and enjoy your well-earned aprés-ski session. 

Finally, as fun as it might sound to go off-road and explore a snowy mountain by yourself, it’s never worth the risks to your safety. Films and professionals may make these dangerous mountain explorations look glamorous, but there’s a reason they’re not official trails - as well as the risks of avalanches and getting lost, there’s the danger that you’ll take a bad fall and have no-one nearby to help. Save the off-roading for Hollywood films, and enjoy the range of trails and runs on offer. With most winter sports centres having a vast array for different levels of expertise, there should be plenty to choose form.