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Recently Antoine Parisi, CEO Europ Assistance Group and Fabio Carsenzuola, CEO Europ Assistance Italy met with Vito de Ceglia from in La Repubblica - Affari&Finanza to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Europ Assistance Italy


"The core of our service hasn't changed but new needs must be covered digitally" explains Antoine Parisi, CEO of Europ Assistance who in 2017 have managed 60 thousand cases of roadside assistance via app. Soon with 10 euro a month they will be able to protect damage to digital identity on your smartphone.

"Sharing the history of assistance is also sharing our story". This is how Antoine Parisi, CEO of Europ Assistance (EA), recalls the first 50 years in Italy of the company founded by Pierre Desnos, a pioneer of a simple but innovative concept for the time: people who are travelling. 

"After 50 years, assistance has never changed, people need someone who cares for them, solves their problems, both in emergency and in everyday life." shared Parisi, appointed CEO almost 4 years ago and has led to results of 1.6 million euros (+ 23% improved over the past 3 years), of which 330 million euros in Italy (+ 20%), where a staff of 900 people and more than 10,300 assistance centres can be found.

For personal assistance, according to Parisi, change goes hand in hand with the evolution of the average client, which is now comfortable to buy anything on digital platforms and receive the goods at home the same day, or order a dinner at home, call a taxi or pay a public transport ticket with a simple click on your phone.

Is assistance evolving with this? "In several directions - answers Fabio Carsenzuola, CEO of EA Italia - mobility, geopolitics for the risk of terrorism, demographic changes especially in regard to care of seniors, medicine and connectivity with solutions related to cyber risks (for example, identity theft) In the meantime, the methods of access to services have become multi-channel. For roadside assistance, we managed 60,000 cases in 2017 (about 10% of the total) through app, chat bot and virtual assistant who understands the natural language ".

This EA evolution is a continuous view of the individual. There are three areas on which the company is investing in as a priority.

Travel Policies: it is the service where EA was born and is innovating with help from a device (Bag Track) which can track the position of the baggage of a client and to simplify the reimbursement processes in case of loss - loading instantly on PayPal the sum.

Medical assistance: this is a new service that will be available in Italy this year. It is known as MyClinic. It is possible to access a series of services through a dedicated app, ranging from the possibility of consultation from specialists which are part of the company’s internal network to diagnosis which can be part of their personal digital medical archive.

CyberSecurity: these are solutions to protect smartphones against the risks of identity theft. Soon they will arrive on the market with a price ranging from 10 euros per month. "In this way, we will be able to provide assistance every day (24/7) with the against any kind of break-in or abuse, for a range of violations that could occur, and can help in the whole bureaucratic process of reporting to the authorities” concludes Carsenzuola.

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This article first appeared in La Repubblica - Affari&Finanza, Europ Assistance thanks La Repubblica for the kind rights assignment, read the original article here: http://www.repubblica.it/economia/affari-e-finanza/2018/03/26/news/assistenza_linnovazione_su_formule_e_canali_di_accesso-192249233/