Looking to get fit? Ditch the treadmill and try these exciting new exercise trends


Feeling bored of your usual gym routine, or can't quite find the enthusiasm to get yourself off the sofa for a run around the park? Liven up your exercise routine and improve your fitness with some of these exciting new exercise trends that are making waves around the world.

Yin Yoga

Relaxed, gentle and meditative, Yin Yoga is perfect for everyone from experienced yogis to newbies trying the practice for the first time. Yin Yoga involves staying in simple poses for longer, allowing your muscles to stretch out and improving flexibility. All you need is a mat and some quiet space to give it a try. For tips on getting started, give the YinYoga app a try, or check out some books and online routines.

Barre & Cardio Fusion

Don’t let the name scare you—this brilliant class brings together the best of slow, concentrated ballet barre exercises and fast-paced cardio for an epic workout that helps with toning, flexibility and improving fitness. It’s a great alternative for pilates and hot yoga fans, and if you can’t find classes nearby there are plenty of routines online that you can try out for free at home.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Fast and furious, these endurance-based cardio workouts involve quick bursts of intense exercise followed by a short period of rest. With everything from sprints to star jumps on offer in the routines, they’re easy to practice anywhere and just a 20-minute routine can make a big impact on your fitness. Check out the Sworkit app, or Seven for suggestions.


No longer just for Muhammed Ali fans, boxing is quickly becoming the go-to exercise for those looking to get fit fast. Offering both an amazing cardio working and a stress-busting session, you can often find plenty of affordable indoor and outdoor classes wherever you live. No one to practice with? Give Virtual Sparring Partner a try, or up your game with skipping, shadowing and strength training, all of which is easily done at home with guidance from books, DVDs, online guides and YouTube clips.