Pack like a pro for your next getaway

pack like a pro

From vacuum packing to remembering essential documents, learn to pack like a pro for your next vacation with this simple guide - and you'll never have to do an emergency airport shop again!

Pack essential kit first 

While you can pick up a toothbrush at the airport, forgetting your passport won’t get you very far! Make a list of your most essential items, and pack them in a separate pouch first so you won’t forget them. This should include photocopies of key documents such as passports, a first aid kit, your travel insurance information and some spare cash in local currency. With three million bags a year lost in the EU alone, one million of which are never returned to their owners, it might be worth packing a few emergency items and a change of clothes in your hand luggage too if you’re travelling with checked baggage. 

Max out on packing hacks 

Save space and avoid buying pricey miniatures by emptying your favourite products into reusable travel-sized plastic bottles, which can be bought in most large pharmacies. Rolling your clothes or using vacuum compression bags is another top tip for getting the most out of a small suitcase - all you need to do is put your clothes inside, squeeze (or vacuum) the air out, and seal shut, and you’ll find there’s much more space to spare.  

Pack realistically 

With many airlines adding steep fees onto checked luggage, why not try to limit your packing list and take just hand luggage? Studies show people only wear 1/3 of the items in their holiday suitcase, so try to be ruthless about your choices - you probably won’t need heels or a dinner jacket on a camping holiday, for instance! Aim for layers and outfits that can be mixed and matched, and find out if your accommodation will have washing facilities you can use if you’ll be there for a while.