Smart aging : care for baby boomers

We are exploring how to improve the welfare of Baby Boomers together with GrowItUp and Generali

smart aging

We are getting older. In the European Union (EU) member states population's are aging and starting to shrink. This is thanks to life expectancy which has grown by at least 2 years per decade since the 1960s and is expected to rise even further, by an additional 8 years for men and 7 years for women by 2070. That would mean the share of the population over 65 would be a whopping 30%. Today, that figure stands at 20%!

It is clear that to be able to support these huge demographic changes, there needs to be new solutions, ready and dependable for the Baby Boomer generation as it grows older. We all want to live well as we grow older, continue in good health and stay at home for as long as we would want.

We are already caring for seniors around the world, but we are always open to exploring how we can innovate further and be ready for a future that will pose harder challenges than today. 

This is why we are partnering together with Generali Group and GrowItUp in a Call for Growth in Smart Aging. This project will be ran out of Italy and involve start-ups in the InsurTech area.

There are five areas of interest identified: Medical (online health care services 24 hours a day, remote control of symptoms, location of medical centers); Personal emergency response services (occasional or periodic security calls); Caregiving (home health care and non-healthcare services); Leisure (concierge for leisure and travel, computer support) and Home Care (food & drugs delivery and other home services).

To discover more, please visit this link: https://www.growitup.it/?lang=en