Stop travel sickness spoiling your trips with these 8 tips


Prone to travel sickness? You're not alone. Millions of travellers worldwide struggle to get through their journeys without feeling dizzy or nauseous. But thankfully, there are some simple remedies that will get you feeling better in no time.  

1. Always look straight ahead

Try keeping your eyes fixed on the horizon. When you're feeling particularly nauseous, close your eyes and breathe slowly for a few minutes.

2. Get fresh air whenever possible

If you're on a car journey, pull up and take a short break outside. On buses and trains, open a window or ramp up the air conditioning. 

3. Have some ginger

Believe it or not, this natural remedy could help calm your tummy in no time. If you don't fancy nibbling root ginger, tablets or powdered ginger in some water would do the trick. If you have a Thermos flask handy, try infusing fresh ginger in hot water to sip on the journey. 

4. Sip water

Dehydration can trigger motion sickness, so keep your water levels topped up. Don't down your drink though, as this can make things worse!

5. Distract yourself

You may not want to read or watch anything, but if you have a travel companion, ask them to talk to you. It'll help to take your mind off of your nausea!

6. Try the Anti Motion Sickness app

If you have an Android phone, you can download this app to minimise dizziness. It works by projecting semi-transparent scaling images on the screen to make them appear less vivid. Neat, huh? There is also this app for iPhone users which features an audio program to help you through the sickness.  

7. Change your phone settings

Apple phones now offer the option in settings to make icons transparent and easier on the eye while you're on transport. By selecting Reduce White Point in your settings, you can also make the whiteness of the screen seem less intense. Give it a try!

8. Eat light

Contrary to what you might think, travelling on an empty stomach will make your nausea much worse. So take some crackers, grapes or a green apple. But don't overdo it and definitely steer clear of anything too sweet, spicy or filling. 

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