The 2018 Europ Assistance IPSOS Holiday Barometer is now live.

The 2018 Europ Assistance IPSOS Holiday Barometer is now live and it is the biggest one yet. This is the 18th edition of the survey and features 14 countries, including India, China, Portugal and Poland for the first time.


Europ Assistance, working together with IPSOS for 18 years have been surveying the holiday preferences of Europeans and Americans and this year, also Asians. It is a milestone for the survey that takes it truly global. The survey is used for communication activities and as part of internal research with the teams inside EA and with our clients and partners.

The results of the 2018 survey can be summarised as follows:

  • Summer plans are stable in Europe, the US and Brazil, consolidating the increase measured in 2017 with a particular growth identified for Millennials.
  • Holidays duration remains stable, below 2 weeks for most of the countries.
  • However, budget remains one of the top decision making factors for Europeans when it comes to choosing a destination and while the average budget remains stable overall
  • Millennials are driving new travel practices, e.g. alternative lodging and environment and culture-focused activities.
  • Disconnecting from work will be easier for Europeans this summer - 66% stating they will completely unplug from their job - whereas a majority of Chinese (60%) and Indians (60%) will struggle with it.
  • Hotels remains the preferred accommodation for the majority of the Europeans, Americans and Asians holidaymakers, except France that remains an outlier opting for seasonal rentals (41% vs. 31% for hotels).
  • Brexit DOES have a potential impact on the choice of UK as a holiday destination for Europeans (e.g. Spain 56%, Germany and France ~45-47%); conversely only 34% of British nationals would reconsider visiting Europe.

You can download full information, our press release and factsheets via https://www.europ-assistance.com/en/media/publications