The first 50 years of Europ Assistance in Italy "a prova di futuro"

On 1st February 1968, in an office in the heart of Milan, Europ Assistance Italia was founded and inherited the mission of our French founder Pierre Desnos: offering health care to people in difficulty away from home.

On this special birthday, let's take a look at half a century of changes together, of which Europ Assistance has often managed to be a promoter, thanks to innovation and future-proof solutions.

THE 70s 

The foundations of a new brand










Do you know that our beginnings are characterized by the sale of individual travel health insurance?

In the 70s the transition from our first key market, travel towards automotive was short: the concept of mobility, no longer closely linked to the world of tourism, led to a diversification of business and health care to people was combined thanks to the car.

THE 80s 

The explosion of the Business to Business market










In the 80s we opened our business to the world of "everyday" through the sale of assistance in bank accounts.

A profound evolution that led to the development of housing assistance as a natural addition to the travel and car offer, including creativity, development and innovation.

THE 90s 

Becoming an insurance company










In 1993 Europ Assistance Italy became an insurance company and we took on a new challenge: to create products that effectively combine assistance services with more traditional insurance coverage.

Our mission was always the same: "to bring people from distress to relief - anytime, anywhere".

THE 2000s

Diversification of supply and new markets










In the 2000s our multi-channel approach led to the development of new markets, from the financial to the emerging e-commerce.

As part of the offer, health gained importance thanks to solutions ranging from insurance coverage to health services abroad, to home care.

THE 2010s

Innovation and close to the client 










Our on-demand assistance services dedicated to home and health have been born from listening of our customers.

Humanity and new technologies are a winning combination at the center what we do. Innovative products with a with technology at it's heart, digitalising assistance, that goes hand-in-hand with our traditions.

Today we are proud to be celebrate our 50th birthday in Italy. We are proud of what we have achieved,  making assisance"future-proof" and we are ready to celebrate.