The smart technology that protects your luggage when you travel

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Nothing spoils a trip quite like lost luggage. But you can now say goodbye to missing suitcases and stolen bags thanks to a new generation of smart tech solutions and quality locks, designed to help you hang onto your precious possessions wherever you go. We’ll take you through the latest innovations that protect your luggage, allowing you to get on with enjoying your travels. 

New and improved locks

That traditional padlock is probably useless in the face of a determined thief, as there are many tricks out there for picking these kinds of locks. So ditch the fiddly combination code and get a keycard like this one. Similar to a credit card, a key card is simply tapped onto your lock and can be kept in your wallet or passport holder—perfect if you want to travel light. Also look out for locks with ultra-tough upgrades like steel cables or lockable luggage straps, which help you combine multiple items and stop them accidentally opening.

Of course, no lock is totally invincible—but heavy duty systems may deter casual thieves or at least slow them down, giving you time to track down your luggage. Which brings us onto our next security solution…

Smart suitcases

Today, you can keep tabs on a suitcase as soon as it goes missing, but only if it’s a smart one. Thanks to GPS and other tracking technology, you can hook a smart case up to your phone and immediately pinpoint its location. Some cases will also alert you with a proximity alarm if you bag ends up in the wrong hands off of the luggage carousel. 

Bluetooth trackers will also help you track your suitcase within a 50 ft range and can come into their own if you hit a GPS black-spot. You can even use Bluetooth to force your case to follow you wherever you go, allowing you to travel hands-free. You simply activate a special app hooked up to your Bluesmart case and it will travel autonomously within close range. 

Bear in mind that new international airline regulations may require you to remove batteries from smart cases and they may only be permitted in the cabin—but this will depend on the airline, so be sure to check with them before you travel. 

Lighter solutions

Want to travel light? You don't need a heavy duty smart case to keep your possessions safe. Some backpacks, like the Bobby, are excellent for commuting or weekend trips. Look out for recessed zippers, which make it impossible for thieves to unzip in a hurry, with uncuttable material too. Some also offer "secret" pockets that are completely inaccessible to other travellers when worn.

Tracking extras

Maybe you haven't got the budget to splash out on a fancy smart case, or you've got a soft spot for that ancient suitcase of yours...we hear you. Luckily, Europ Assistance Italy offers an annual insurance for your luggage that ensures you are immediately refunded in case of lost or stolen luggage. It also provides coverage for accidental damage to smartphones or tablets.

The insurance also includes an innovative bag track that lets you locate your lost belongings anywhere while travelling, through an easy mobile app.