There when it matters most


Every day we strive to serve our customers, providing support and relief in times of distress. Here are a few stories that highlight just how important our work is and the effect it can have on the lives of the people who rely on us, told from the points of view of their protagonis

From distress....

“My sister and I were vacationing in Sardinia, in Italy. We were having a lovely time, swimming and walking and enjoying the local cuisine. Then, on Saturday afternoon, disaster struck. My sister slipped and fell while we were out on a nature hike. She broke her shoulder, and the doctors were afraid she had fractured a cervical vertebra too. They recommended surgery within the next twelve hours, if possible. But we were in a small, local hospital, and I don’t speak Italian. I couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying. I felt so alone and helpless!” ■ (Europ Assistance customer)

to relief....

“I immediately understood Isabelle’s concerns. Unfortunately we didn’t have a medical report, without which we couldn’t authorize moving her sister. To make matters worse, the patient was also undergoing kidney treatment, and would soon run out of medication. We needed to act. I managed to get the doctors to agree to an emergency medical plane. By midday everything was organized: airplane, ambulances and all the necessary documents. We even prepared a detailed list of medications they had to bring along. That evening, when the patient landed in Switzerland, an ambulance was waiting to take her straight to the hospital for surgery. The next day Isabelle was much calmer and happier. The operation was a complete success. Later the family sent a very warm message to our entire team, thanking us for our professionalism and the help we provided in their time of need. Whenever I’m feeling down about work, I think of that letter and my spirits rise!” ■ Anita (Europ Assistance employee)