Toyota becomes the first German OEM to provide fully digital roadside assistance thanks to Europ Assistance

Toyota and Europ Assistance are proud to announce that the Japanese automotive giant will be the first German OEM to provide full digital roadside assistance.

The German automotive market is Europe’s largest with 3.3m new car sales each year and over 51m cars on the road. The partnership between Toyota and Europ Assistance is founded on years of collaboration and synergy between the two companies, Toyota as a pioneer in hybrid electric vehicles and Europ Assistance in Digital Roadside Assistance.

Digital Roadside Assistance will ensure that German drivers will be able to profit from full transparency in case of a breakdown, following the movement of the tow truck via mobile site to understand when you will be rescued. Another benefit for German drivers will be that waiting times will be reduced.

The innovation won’t stop there, Europ Assistance is introducing for Toyota clients its virtual agent. This advance in easy of connection ensures that Europ Assistance can have the tow truck with you with speed, efficiency and smoothly handle peak call-out periods such as weather or holiday related peak hours. This new solution ensures that possible waiting times in the telephone loop are eliminated and thus can respond rapidly to the emergency.

Tim Schmidt, Chief Sales Officer of Europ Assistance Germany: "Following the successful launch of the mobile website, we are already working hard on the next phase of our digital service offering in the automotive sector."

Project Manager Gunter Klamp from Toyota commented, "Initial testing is very promising, so we expect to launch the additional offer as early as March 2019."