Underrated and little-known destinations perfect for family holidays

holiday destinations

It’s a classic holiday dilemma: you book a trip to a popular spot recommended by friends and family, but when you arrive you find the rest of the world had the same idea! Instead of long queues for museums and packed beaches this year, why not enjoy an adventure in one of these lesser-known destinations perfect for a family holiday?

Avoid the crowds at big tourist spots such as Rome and Paris in favour of underrated destinations which are just as packed with cultural sights, museums and more. Krakow is Poland’s culture capital, renowned for its beautiful castles and Renaissance buildings, while the ancient city of Petra in Jordan is known as the 'Rose City' for its stunning rock-cut architecture. In North America, New York might be your first thought for a city break, but why not head to vibrant Montreal in Canada, a francophone cultural metropolis filled with theatres and art venues?

While the rest of the world flocks to the Caribbean and Australia, savvy travellers know that these family-friendly spots are where to go if you want sun, sand and plenty of space to stretch out. Try Madagascar for amazing landscapes, quiet beaches and impressive wildlife, or indulge your inner foodie in Malta, where you'll find heritage sites, sandy beaches and delicious local dishes. Looking for something even further off the beaten track? The Kerama Islands in Japan are home to some of the clearest water in the world, making them ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serene winter getaway, a trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia provides pretty castles, ice skating rinks and snow-filled views galore. For those hoping to enjoy the incredible sights of the Northern Lights, Caithness in Scotland offers fantastic views from its stunning coastline and charming fishing villages. Finally, keen skiers should skip the busy slopes of the Alps for a trip to Gulmarg in India, reputed to have some of the best powder in the world as well as a wide range of ski slopes. 

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