Unique and Cheap Summer Holiday Ideas

Summer holiday ideas

Summer holidays can quickly become expensive by the time flights, accommodation and sight-seeing are accounted for. What’s more, beaches and resorts become so jam-packed you can start to feel like a lobster in a boiling pot. Here’s how to keep costs low and have a unique family adventure.

Hire a campervan. Instead of darting between expensive hotels, why not grab a campervan, plan a route and take your home and family on a road trip? A home on wheels is perfect for family holidays, affording you the freedom to dine-in, avoid tourist traps and easily keep children entertained. The USA and France are ideal destinations, with their long, quiet and well-signposted highways. 

Hop on a houseboat. Imagine a boat with all the creature comforts of home! Houseboats are a fantastic way to explore a country without constant travel and transit. What's more, there's plenty of space for children to play or lend a hand with boating, and lots of opportunities for adults to relax and soak-up the scenery. Cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam are great for houseboat vacations.

Head onto paths less trodden. Consider exploring places that aren’t in their typical tourist season, as they'll be much cheaper and quieter than during peak travel times. South Africa and Australia, for example, can have beautiful sunny Winters.

Camping. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of camping. When equipped with the right gear and a comfortable tent and mattress, camping can be the ultimate way to explore far-flung places at minimal cost. The key to happy camping is being prepared, so make sure you pack decent cooking equipment, lighting, warm clothing, waterproofs and some fold-up chairs.

Some of these exciting and unique holiday ideas may take you to places that are remote or far from home. This might make you a bit worried about getting help in case of an emergency. A Europ Assistance customer had this exact dilemma when he had a motorcycle accident in a remote part of Laos. Luckily, EA quickly arranged for him and his wife to be transported by air ambulance from the small and under-resourced local hospital to Bangkok, where he underwent successful surgery. EA even arranged for his daughter to fly from Chile to be with her father during this time. When he was well enough, the whole family was able to return to Chile to continue treatment at home. That kind of peace of mind is invaluable so having EA to hand as a trusted partner is important for your next adventure. 

Finally, tap into the sharing economy by using websites such as HomeAway. These often enable you to have cheaper and more authentic experiences than you’d have in a hotel. Europ Assistance has teamed up with HomeAway to provide insurance for travellers who want the convenience of renting a home for their getaways, so there's peace of mind while you're enjoying your holiday home!