Vacation rental plays a key role in engaging travelers

We provide a full array of assistance and insurance solutions in the vacation rental sector. With our services, we look to create new revenue streams for our partners and to increase their value proposition.

The growth of the vacation rental industry

The vacation rental industry has grown and changed rapidly in the last ten years, which is most easily seen in how customers research and book their upcoming holidays or business trips. It is expected to grow even more in the future: the forecast indicates that the vacation rentals revenue in Europe will increase to 21 billion US dollars in 2023*.

Our 2018 Europ Assistance – IPSOS Holiday Barometer proved that there is a growing segment of travelers who want a more varied choice of accommodation: vacation rental is the second preferred type of accommodation for travelers, being it the choice for 22% of respondents over 35 years old and for 24% of millennials. Among the criteria when choosing an accommodation, available services are key. These findings highlight the need to support the different vacation rental players -platforms, owners and software companies- in differentiating their value proposition through travel-related ancillary products to provide the utmost customer experience.

Multiple solutions to increase trust & safety with ancillary services

With more than 25 years of experience integrating our products into booking paths, we work closely with our partners to incorporate protection plans into their online reservation platform, giving guests the opportunity to purchase protection right when they are booking their rental stay.

Europ Assistance aims to support its partners in differentiating themselves from the market. Starting from the 24/7 multi-lingual medical and travel assistance and travel protection (reservation cancellation and travel delay and interruption) to take care of our clients’ guests and ensure they make the most of their vacation time, even with added concierge services.

We also offer property damage protection that provides coverage – and increases trust- both to the renters and the owners, helping them protect themselves from additional expenses should accidental damage occur to the rental property. This is an attractive alternative to a traditional security deposit: it has a higher level of coverage than most security deposits and it also generates best financial returns to our clients in a more secure way.

Finally, in our offer we have anti-surprise, which protects against rentals not as advertised or not accessible on arrival.

Enhancing the digital booking experience

Keeping the booking process as personable and transparent as possible is very important to have a unique user experience. For each of our clients we suggest products and prices that will best fit their needs, defining the right portfolio based on booking criteria as well as on their market context specificities and expectations.

We offer an easy-to-set up and reliable technical platform and we give them the tools to track performance and to learn more about their visitors.

If you are interested in discovering more about our services in the vacation rental sector please contact us: travelsales@europ-assistance.com