Winter activities to help you stay fit


Maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing through the cooler, darker days of winter is so important. Chilly weather doesn't always lend itself to outdoor exercise, so here are some fun activities you can do whatever the weather!

Tap into an app

It's tough sticking to a fitness routine through the holiday season, but there are lots of apps that enable you to exercise anywhere, anytime. The BoxxMethod takes boxing virtual, with on-demand workout videos you can do from your living room. If you fancy something different, bring out your inner child with a hula-hoop and DVD from Hoopnotica.

Wise-up with wearables

Keep track of your fitness round-the-clock, by investing in a smartwatch or fitness tracker. These are brilliant for keeping you motivated, as they track everything from steps and heart rate to calories burned and calories consumed. Wear them for all your activities and you'll quickly get an idea of which exercises work best for you. Take a look at Garmin and Fitbit. You can also sync these up with friends and family, incentivizing you to rack up the most steps!

Try a new exercise class

Gyms are constantly launching innovative new classes, from underwater spinning and anti-gravity yoga to 'Clubbercise,' which involves light sticks and club anthems! Numerous variations on yoga, pilates, body-weight training and high-intensity workouts are being released, so research new classes in your local area and give one a go.

Winter walks!

If you can't resist the allure of the great outdoors, layer-up and go for long walks and hikes and embrace the fresh, crisp winter air. Even a brisk lunchtime stroll will help keep the spirits high.

Exercise provides a wealth of benefits to our wellbeing, from improved sleep and immune function to higher energy levels and enhanced confidence. Keep the winter bugs away and the energy levels high with these tips to ensure you can exercise come rain or shine!