World Cancer Day within Europ Assistance Group

Last week, in the occasion of World Cancer Day, we launched the Cancer Charter across Europ Assistance Group committing to:

1. Promoting Awareness Cancer and Prevention

2. Providing possibility for screening

3. Supporting employees affected by cancer

4. Accompanying employees when back

Virginie Babinet, Chief Transformation Officer and Diversity and Inclusion sponsor, explains to us why this Charter is an important milestone for our Group.



Cancer ranks the second most common cause of death following cardiovascular diseases. Raising awareness is key. Our French and Belgium colleagues took part in an online event where we had the chance to host Dr Eric Jauffret, a French medical oncologist, who highlighted the importance of cancer prevention, very much linked to a healthy lifestyle and to doing regular check-ups.

Tremendous progress has been made in detecting and treating cancer, with new approaches such as immunotherapy. But even though treatments advance, we still need to make sure cancer is not a taboo anymore, as it can happen to everyone.

We also talked about the difficult point of having to announce the cancer to relatives and colleagues, as well as the challenge to go back to work, with physical or emotional effects. Here the company plays a key role in ensuring an inclusive and caring environment will be welcoming back the employee.

In Spain, our colleagues were offered the chance to follow the activities of the Spanish Cancer Association, which organized two days of events, focusing on the importance of not stopping prevention during the Covid-19 crisis, hosting healthcare professionals and patients.

This movement was joined by all the entities of the Group, from South Africa to Brazil, through Italy, Spain, FranceChile, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Greece... with communication campaigns both via internal channels and on social media (see below).

We must all join forces to raise awareness and make sure no one has to fight cancer alone.

>>> read our Cancer Chart here.