You Live, We Care – Europ Assistance Activity Report 2018

The annual report of Europ Assistance has been published sharing the best of what Europ Assistance does: bringing people from distress to relief - anytime, anywhere.

An annual report is the perfect moment to step back and take a look at what we’ve been able to achieve. It has been a year of growth for Europ Assistance, but that doesn’t tell our story in itself. Our story is our caring approach to customers; it is finding ways to make our services seamless and simpler, combining our global reach with local eyes.

Our activity report features:

  • An introduction with Group CEO Antoine Parisi
  • Europ Assistance at a glance
  • Stories from how we bring our customers from distress to relief – anytime, anywhere
  • An overview what we do
  • A deep dive into how we work, with General Manager and COO Pascal Baumgarten together with Group HR Director Roberto Ravagnani
  • Testimonials from our employees
  • Articles exploring the future of assistance

To read the report in full, please visit here: https://www.europ-assistance.com/activity_report/mobile.html